How Long Does It Take To Adopt a Child in India?

Child adoption is something really heart-touching and ones who take this initiative have different respect in society. Though it is increasingly growing day-by-day but still the taboo continues in some part of the country. Child adoption is yet a stressful and time-taking procedure that can take a few months to years. When we talk about how long does the procedure of child adoption takes in India then the answer is simple that it depends upon different factors which are required to be taken into consideration. These factors include the age of the child, gender of the child, financial stability and of course the type of adoption.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt a Child in India

Type of Child

From the above-mentioned points, the first one is the type of child you want. Yes, many older children wait for years to find a perfect adoptive parent as compared to infants for whom the adoptive parents are in waiting numbers. It is a fact that most of the adoptive parents want to adopt a younger child than an older child because of various factors.

Type of Adoption

The second one is the type of adoption, if you’re looking for a newborn baby then you may have to wait for years to get one and also, in case of the international child you may have to wait for few years. Adoption of a grown-up child is relatively an easy procedure and can be completed quickly.

Financial Stability

The most important factor of child adoption can be financial stability; if you’re financially strong or you have saved money for this process then your process of child adoption may take lesser time as compared to being financially weak because in that circumstance you have to borrow money and that will definitely be a time-consuming process for you to arrange the required amount.

What is Mandatory to Remember Before Adopting a Child in India?

Before stepping into the process of adoption, you must register for adoption with the licensed adoption agency or CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) which is a division of Ministry of Women and Child Development; otherwise you would fall into a deep trouble with the law if you adopt a child from any unlicensed adoption agency, orphanage or street. Also, there are several things that you will be asked at the beginning of the process and depending on your registration the further steps will be processed accordingly.

Basically, if you want to know how much time the adoption process will take then it varies upon case to case. If you fulfill all the requirements easily and fast then the process may be completed within a few months and you can become an adoptive parent. But on the other hand, you must learn that child adoption doesn’t only mean to adopt a child instead it is much more than this as you’re going to be responsible for the life, upbringing, health, education, etc of a life of a child that cannot be taken for granted anyway. You may also consult a child adoption attorney for more details.