Divorce is challenging both emotionally and financially. Divorce impacts as an emotional stress which leads to neglecting essential steps to ensure the financial well-being of the spouses.

We at G.S. Bagga & Associates have professional financial advisors to help determine unnoticed details, vital considerations around finances which takes time to realize and can lead to a devastating end.

  1. Compile Financial Statements – Make sure that all the current and past financial statements of shared and individual accounts are complied together to save time and money when the lawyer needs. Information such as:
    • Assets.
    • Retirement plan accounts.
    • Property like real estate, vehicles, etc accumulated before and during marriage.
    • Debts including mortgages, personal loans, credit cards.
    • Taxes.
  1. Document Assets – Create an inventory of joint and individually owned assets, including receipts and videos or pictures, home, car, business.
  2. Hire a Good Lawyer – At G.S. Bagga & Associates, our lawyers are competent on multiple issues rights and responsibilities and helps in making more informed decisions regarding the future.
  3. Keep Track of Income and Expenses – It is important to determine how to split joint assets and debts and whether to award spousal or child support. So, keep a track of your budget monthly, annual income and household bills, including food, transportation, child care, entertainment, home repairs, vacations and other expenses like a child’s extracurricular activities and school tuition.
  4. Keep Separate Finances – Set up an account for receiving money from the spouse’s account as part of your divorce. If the spouses are staying in the same house after the divorce, get the utilities, streaming services and other household bills separated and if not staying under the same house than share with each other in a settlement as a mortgage co-borrower and safeguard the credit.
  5. Consult A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst – At G.S. Bagga & Associates our lawyers and professionals are certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), they have credentials and experience in the financial aspects of divorce that are usually beyond the scope of a traditional financial advisor, such as –
    1. Understand the tax ramifications of client’s assets.
    2. Advise on asset distribution options.
    3. Estimates the future value of retirement plans and assets.
    4. Creates a workable budget for managing money after divorce.
    5. Uncover any hidden assets of the spouse.
    6. Protects the credit in a divorce


  1. We help in making our clients understand and explain the grounds for divorce and save from fault grounds.
  2. We ensure our clients emotional state by providing support with legal factors to secure our clients future and custody issues.
  3. We help is maintaining the local assets, collect records, liabilities o that the divorce settlement is addressed.
  4. We ensure that our clients receive the share of property that the marriage has brought in.
  5. We help in protecting our clients from any debt that is owed to the other spouse.
  6. We provide great assistance while preparing the papers for divorce with all the essentials and information required.
  7. We assist our clients preparing a custody plan/parenting plan which will fulfill the need of the child and the parents.
  8. We provide great litigation skills for our clients case to resolve disputes regarding maintenance, child custody etc.
  9. We ensure our best in winning the case for our clients.
  10. We ensure that our clients are taken care of every need and provide the justice that they want.

The best thing you can do to ensure a positive outcome from your divorce case is to hire the right divorce advocate to help you navigate this process. Your advocate can provide the objective point of view of your situation that you may need to counterbalance the emotional weight of the situation. When it is difficult to focus on practical matters because of denial, anger, or despair, your advocate can be the voice of reason who guides you through your divorce case with your best interests in mind at every phase.

At G.S. BAGGA & ASSOCIATES, we understand the emotional side of divorce and help you prevent it from interfering with the practical side of the process. Our firm has years of experience helping clients navigate complicated divorce proceedings in Delhi and can put this experience to work in your case. If you are having trouble accepting that your marriage is ending and are unsure of what you should do next, contact us on G.S. BAGGA website and schedule a consultation with our team. We will help you maintain a more objective view of the situation and preserve your best interests through every phase of your divorce case.

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