ngo registration in India

NGO Registration

Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is an organization which is neither a venture run by government nor a traditional business run by an independent body for profit. This is a set up by ordinary citizens in some cases these NGOs have been funded by governments, foundations, businesses or private persons, while in some cases these NGOs have been run by the volunteers and they avoid any type of funding. A lawyer can provide legal advice and suggestion in Formation of NGO. To define an NGO properly we have to look after the activities they carry out but most of the activities are related to the development it could be of any type, it may be for human rights or environmental improvement or anything which doesn’t harm anybody or anything and is for the mutual welfare of society and environment.

Types of Non Governmental Organization (NGO)

  • Society – Housing/ Charitable
  • Trust – Public/ Private/ Charitable
  • Non-profit Company

What GS Bagga and Associates Do In Matters Related To NGO Registration India

Law Office of GS Bagga and Associates assists towards NGO registration, execution and running of an NGO in India, some of them are given below.

  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Memorandum and Rules
  • Preparing Trust Deed of a Company, Society and Trust respectively
  • Registration of an NGO
  • Maintaining of minutes book
  • Filing of returns, reports and other necessary documents
  • Providing legal advice in operations of an NGO
  • Obtaining necessary approval from the Central Government

Law Office of GS Bagga and Associates keeps assisting even after formation of NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), or trust or charitable society, it runs as per the law and hassle free. We helped in forming many NGOs, trusts and charitable societies which help people and develop the society in the best possible manner.

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