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Murder Charges

Murder is said to be a crime when someone kills anybody else for any of his/her individual or group objective and in this type of crime one person try to kill other person by using any of the methods which are supposed to kill some one like by shooting bullet, by using poison in food and by using many other methods. Murder is one of the cruelest crimes registered in all laws all over the world. In India the highest possible punishment is hang till death.

There is another type of murder charge which is known as “attempt to murder”, in this case a person who wants to murder someone intentionally or unintentionally but failed to kill the person is known as attempt to murder. This is also almost equal to the crime of murder and its most highest possible punishment also could be hang till death. This is a cognizable and non bailable crime.

In case of cognizable crime the police can take cognizance of the crime on its own and thus need not wait for the court orders. In these kind of crimes, the permission of the court to investigate the crime is implicit. Bail is a mechanism which ensures the presence of the accused whenever required by the court. Thus a bailable crime is one which is relatively of less severity, that’s why grant of bail in case of a non bailable crime is not a matter of right. The elements of murder listed below.

  • The act must have been done unlawfully
  • There has to be an act of killing
  • The killing must be that of a human
  • The killing must have been done by a human
  • There must be a predetermined act

There are some aspects which need to be focused during a murder charge, some of them are mentioned below.

Actions include following steps:

  • Stalking, tracking or ambushing
  • Luring
  • Breaking-in
  • Constructing
  • Soliciting

The intentions include these two:

  • Intent to act
  • Intent to kill

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