Family Partition 

The division of personal or real property between the co-owners, which results in the individual ownership of the interests of each is termed as partition.

The concept of joint family is slowly and gradually changing to nuclear family. This involves division of the entire property of a particular family among the existing members belonging to that very family and it is done in accordance with the family partition deed, which is a written document associated with transferring the title or the ownership of property. The family partition law prevailing in our country is applicable to such cases. Partition deed is a document that leads to settlement of issue relating to a partition of property inherited or jointly owned by two or more persons.

A partition deed contains the following:

  • Resolution and settlement of dispute
  • Defined share in partition
  • Production of title deeds
  • Coverage of all the circumstances
  • Complying with existing laws

Partition of family property is a lengthy and cumbersome process and therefore it requires the consent of experienced people. This deed helps to protect the interests of the co-owners who are entitled to some undivided share in the family property. The process requires the presence of all the members of the family so that each one of them gets their respective share in the ancestral property. Also, the proceedings of the partition are done by the mutual consent of the members who are entitled to the belongings that are counted in the property of the family. All this needs to be done as per the family partition deed as well as what the will of the family says.

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