What is Dowry Allegations in India

Dowry system has been prevailing in India since the ancient time. In the name of dowry, some people tend to take more than just durable goods and “stridhan.” Due to this, dowry is considered to be a kind of financial burden on the family of the bride. Also, in some cases it gives birth to crime against women, starting from injury, emotional abuse, as well as death sometimes. This is the reason why dowry has been restricted under specific Indian Laws, which includes the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 as well. Subsequently, it is also banned under sections 498A and 304B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

G. S. Bagga and Associates Provide Legal Advice in Dowry Allegations 

Every year in different parts of the country, thousands of complaints are filed against dowry harassment. The number of cases filed relating to this are increasing day by day. The situation has become so alarming that it has become important for our concerned authorities to punish the guilty and, at the same time impose punishment and fine on the ones who take undue advantage of this act. We, at Law office of G.S.Bagga and Associates, handle all the cases relating to dowry, matrimony, property matters, arbitration, civil cases, cyber cases, corporate cases and many more. Our team professionals are available at the services of our clients 24×7.

Legal help is provided to all those who need it. Be it the ones who are aggrieved by the in-laws who demand forceful dowry or the ones on whom false dowry allegation is being imposed; both the parties are provided proper assistance. Unless, the clients do not get the deserved justice, we stick to the case taken. The dowry allegation cases of the clients are heard, understood properly and accordingly the series of action is taken. The cases can be discussed over phone as well, if so is desired by the client. Phone calls are answered 24 hours.

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