contractual matters

What is a Contract?

According to common law, contract is an agreement between 2 parties that creates one or more lawful obligation to perform a particular duty. Under this agreement there are some requirements and they are mentioned below.

An Offer: This is the key which defines the agreement as a contract and it’s issues, the offer need to be properly communicated between both the parties and the obligations has to be void between both the parties, the offering party makes the offer by mentioning all the terms and conditions while only recipient has the right to accept or not to accept the offer. There are some elements of an offer which has been reviewed by the court are as follows.

  • The parties
  • The length of time for performance
  • The price
  • The subject matter or scope of services

An Acceptance: The acceptance comes just after the offer without offer there is no existence of acceptance, so for an acceptance there is a need of an offer, for an acceptance the offer need to be valid and the acceptance must be unequivocal and unqualified. We can termed it as “mirror image” rule, because offer is necessary for the acceptance.

Consideration: This is the final step of a contract and it finalizes means gives the final touch to any contract, under this situation the parties need to exchange something which contains a value, the consideration needs to be mutual means both the parties receive and give something valuable.

What GS Bagga and Associates do in Case of Contractual Matters?
Contractual matters can be of various types and therefore every type requires a certain kind of process and action, we are mentioning here some of those types and the actions that we need to cope up with those certain matters.

  • Matter related to breach of contract: Law office of G.S. Bagga & Associates very widely handle matters related to breach of contract. Our firm handles lot of cases of breach contract related to non-performance, specific performance, fraud, mistake, cheating and many more. We make sure that the victim get deserved judgment with their issues. Furthermore while drafting the contracts we usually put an arbitration clause which helps the parties to resolve their issue outside the court.
  • Matter related to non performance of contract: We often get the matters related to non-performance of contracts. We usually get the matters in which one of the parties failed to perform its part. Law office of G.S. Bagga & Associates assist those victims who suffer due to non performance of contracts.
  • Matter related to specific performance of contract: We often get the matters related to specific performance of contracts. Law office of G.S. Bagga & Associates give proper consultation to the victims and helps in the legal process to make sure that the party performs its part of contract and abide the contract as it should be executed.
  • Matters related to fraud, mistake and cheating of contract: Law office of G.S. Bagga & Associates helps the victims to recover and compensate the losses which they suffer due to fraud and cheating by the other party. Furthermore, we do not hesitate to file multiple suits to make sure that the victim get complete justice.
  • Matters related to recovery of debts: Law office of G.S. Bagga & Associates usually help the victims who are suffering to recover their debts, we help them to get their money as soon as possible.

How to Reach Us
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