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The study of the interaction between shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, consumers, community, environment and all other type of stakeholders is called corporate law and it is also known as company law or corporation’s law. In India it is known as Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS), is a company law service of Government of India. Before 2009 it was known as Indian Company Law Service but now due to some amendments like The Companies Act, 1956 and The Companies Act, 2013 along with The Limited Liability partnership Act, 2008 it has changed to Indian Corporate Law Service. In corporate litigation, the petition filed by corporate lawyer in Delhi. According to the corporate law every modern day corporation has some characteristics and some of them are given below.

  • Corporations of all sizes have separate legal personality
  • Limited or unlimited liability for its shareholders
  • Delegated management, the board of directors delegates day-to-day management of the company to executives
  • If the corporation is a public company, the shares are traded on a stock exchange

What Corporate Advocate in Delhi at GS Bagga and Associates Do?

There are different types of cases under corporate law in India which handles by Corporate Advocate, so every case has its own nature and every case has its own process, so corporate lawyer in Delhi has to follow all the processes and procedures according to the case to follow the legal rules and regulations under Indian Penal Code (IPC). There are some kinds of cases under corporate law and some of them are listed below.

Which Type of Cases Our Corporate Lawyers in Delhi Deal With as Follow as :

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  • Transparency in all policies
  • Full legal support
  • Trustworthy experience
  • Strong representation in court
  • Right compensation

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