Child Adoption Law in India

The Adoptions as well as Maintenance Act of 1956 dealt specially with the legal process of adopting children by a Hindu adult, as well as the legal commitment of a Hindu to offer “maintenance” to a variety of family members counting, but not limited to, their wife or wives, parents, and in-laws.

Child Adoption law in India can be described as a procedure executed legally wherein an individual, a couple or a husband as well as wife living in the country agree to raise a child who is not their own. In addition to perform all the responsibilities of a good parent, they take the responsibility. The child adoption process comes in different types, as one’s choice will be dependent upon the major effects of this child adoption process not only to the birth mother but to the adoptive parents as well.

Who can Adopt a Child in India?

Under this child adoption act, only Hindus may take on the basis of their fulfillment of certain criteria. The first of these declare that the adopter has the legal right to (under Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act (1956) that would mean they are a Hindu). Next, they have the capacity to be able to offer for the adopted child. Thirdly the child must be able of being adopted. Lastly, fulfillment with all other specifications must be met to make the adoption suitable.

Child adoption, indeed is  most prevalent in today’s time, all across the globe. Couples and singles find it normal these days to be sharing their lives with children through adoption and it has proved to be life changing for the children. One of the most peculiar reasons of why adoptions take place, is because either parents are unable to have their own kids, or they wish to support a child and raise someone. Indians have started adopting children after many years of being considered a taboo.

The process of child adoption is primarily taken care of by Central Adoption Resource Authority that basically regulates in and intra country adoption and other related procedures with all due regard. It issues related guidelines regarding adoption process. This involve

  • Conditions as per the citizenship
  • Eligibility of adoption irrespective of their gender or marital status
  • Eligibility of adoption for a single couple
  • Age difference between the child and adoptive parents

There are specific conditions regarding eligibility of a child to be adopted and that’s just as important.

  • Child confirming to guidelines of the central government
  • Requisites for a child being “legally free”

Who are orphaned, surrendered, or abandoned children

Role of the Child Adoption lawyer in India?

Child adoption in India is a legal process so its execution adheres to strict laws and standards.  It is also important for you to make sure that you are qualified to become a parent before you ever adopt a child. It is important for you to have a more stable income, a clean criminal record, a healthy body and an ability to offer a more secure environment as this will allow you to effectively raise your adopted child.

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