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Cyber Crime Law in India

Cyber is a word which involves, using, or relating to computers. The word cyber is used especially when computer is used in reference to the internet. Hence, more conveniently Cyber law can be termed as that branch of the law which deals with the relationship of Internet vis-à-vis to the technological and electronic elements, especially including the software and the hardware of the Computers.

Internet Crime is a synonym of Cybercrime and it is committed on the Internet, using the Internet and by means of the Internet. Certain kinds of cybercrimes are unauthorized email access, malware by email, phishing attack, Trolling, Fake antivirus, credit card frauds, phishing, child pornography, scams. At worst, cybercrime can lead to financial ruin and potentially threaten a victim’s reputation and personal safety. Cybercrime is a term which defines a criminal activity where a computer or computer networks are used as a tool, a target. Thus cybercrime can be categorised in two different ways, One where the computer is a target and the other where the computer is used as a weapon.

By the help of Cyber laws one can protect information access, privacy, communication and freedom of Speech related to Internet, websites, email, computers and other such devices. Due to technological advancement worldwide, there is an increase in the internet traffic which has led to legal issues being erupted worldwide. Due to varied jurisdiction in different country, the enforcement of cyber law is a challenge and the restitution of damages ranges from fines to imprisonment. Cybercrime has surpassed even the illegal drug trafficking crime as every 3 seconds an identity is stolen.

One of the best ways to learn how to prevent cybercrime is to check out STOP, THINK, CONNECT.  In order to reduce maintain an updated operating system and the software installed must be from a trustworthy source.

Cybercrime can be difficult to investigate and prosecute because it often crosses the legal jurisdictions and even breaches the international boundaries. In case of a cyber-attack, the Law Office of GS Bagga and Associates, helps the victim to file a report with the local law enforcement authority.

The Information Technology Act of India has global jurisdiction which means that a complaint can be filed at any cyber cell, irrespective of the location of the incident.

The Law office of GS Bagga and Associates helps the victim in drafting an application, addressed to the head of a cyber crime cell. There are certain information that is required to lodge a complaint in case of (a) Hacking and (b) E-mail abuse, vulgar e-mail etc.

In case of Hacking, following information is required:- Server Logs, List of suspects, the relevant information that has been compromised, the date and time of the system when it was compromised with, number of systems that have been compromised etc

In case of E-mail abuse or vulgar e-mail, following information is required:- soft copy and hard copy of the offending e-mail.

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