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Marriage is an institution in which two individuals enter into it by their own choice and not by the virtue of their birth. This could be the one fact that the choices made don’t turn out the way were meant to be. Then how an individual can get out of this marital relationship? It is by the process of Divorce. Divorce can be taken by two ways, either by Mutual Consent Divorce (both the parties agrees) or by Contested Divorce. You don’t have to worry when we are here. We have a team of experienced Divorce Lawyers in Delhi.

Why Will You Need Assistance of Divorce Case Specialist Advocate

When the matrimonial conflict results to the separation and desire to separate, it brings you many legal complexities. A divorce case also encompasses several other laws such as Child Custody Law, Laws of Domestic Violence, Law of Annulment of Marriage, Laws of Dowry Prohibition, and several others. Since there are too many legal complications involved, it becomes mandatory to consult a divorce advocate in Delhi who has the deep understanding of the legal procedure. The preferred lawyer can make the whole process easy for you. Without hiring a knowledgeable and experienced advocate for divorce case the things may get more complicated and difficult.

In most of the cases, marriage conflicts are the result of incompatible relationships and daily life disputes among the partners that become detrimental in last and deteriorates the whole foundation. Speaking of which, one couple could have experienced any sort of disharmony and difference in thought process. There are many ways with the help of which a couple could easily resolve the fundamental differences and mutual conflicts. Taking a legal help is often considered to be a convenient option while resolving mutual disputes. Our divorce laws have made it easier for the couples to get mutually separated in such cases with the help of legal authorities that primarily focus on safeguarding their interests and rights. The acts related to marriage and divorce in India, help the people in stepping out of toxic marriages, incompatible relationships, fundamental differences and daily disputes. The laws make it easier for the people to know much about their rights, and available legal remedies. Separation often raises questions like who shall have the child’s custody, alimony issue, maintenance provisions and other related factors. Deciding upon such factors is also important so that such separations are in favour of both the parties and their interests are safeguarded in the very process.

One must have awareness about the very procedure involved and how men and women can take help of lawyers in order to get all the related information and procedural insights on the very process. Our laws facilitate the very procedural and legal aspects of how one can seek separation in cases where it becomes necessary for the partners to get separation in such cases. Examples of such separations could be

  • Divorce with mutual consent
  • Contested divorce
  • Void marriages
  • Etc

Why You Should Consult with Divorce Lawyer for Contested Divorce

In the contested divorce case, the partners don’t agree even on the problems on which the divorce is filed. In this case , the divorce petition is filed by divorce attorney in the concerned court. Rather they finish it up in the court asking the judge to take the final decision for them. Due to this the proceedings for a divorce takes a very long time to finish. Usually there is a disagreement on problems such as child custody, distribution of marital assets. Some of the instances where divorce decree can be obtained by contesting in the court of law are Cruelty (both physical and mental), Desertion (for a period varying from 2 to 3 years), Unsoundness of mind (amounting to it being incurable), Renouncing the world, Impotency etc. The case needs to be filed by our divorce lawyers in Delhi in proper jurisdiction with support of evidences and documents.

To obtain a contested divorce, proof of fault of one party or the guilty conduct of such party along with the innocence of the other party is to be shown.

Divorce Lawyer in Delhi for Mutual Consent Divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce is the easiest form of separation. In this scenario, both the partners mutually agree and decide to get separated by filing “no fault divorce” petition. However, for filing this kind of petition, both the husband and wife have to live separately for at least 12 months.

The estranged spouses file the First Motion Petition (the Mutual Consent Divorce). A gap of at least six months is necessary before the filing of the Second Motion Petition.

The estranged spouses file the First Motion Petition (the Mutual Consent Divorce). A gap of at least six months is necessary before the filing of the Second Motion Petition.

However, if the petition for divorce is withdrawn by either of the party within eighteen months of the filing of the First Motion Petition, then the Court cannot pass a divorce decree.

What We Supposed to Do?

The role of attorney differs with the kind of divorce. In case of Mutual consent divorce the services of the advocate is limited to filing the divorce papers and represent the client during court hearing. However, the role of divorce advocate in Delhi in contested divorce is complex and needs a seasoned player. The role starts with filing of the papers, representing the client in court. The contested divorce generally gets delayed due to litigation and thus it becomes the responsibility of our divorce specialist lawyers to sort out the case as soon as possible with the desirable outcome.

What Types of Cases our Divorce Lawyer Handle?

We are the Delhi based Law Firm, having the experienced divorce lawyers in delhi for multiple procedures related to divorce. Attorneys at our law office have years of experience in the family law. Our advocates’ are highly experienced and have already successfully handled lots of divorce cases. They have the deep and great knowledge of the laws governing the divorce. Whether you want to file a mutual divorce petition, maintenance case, domestic violence case, divorce petition, contested divorce petition or any other proceedings linked to the matrimonial laws our divorce lawyers in Delhi will take care of it all.

Where Can You File Your Divorce Case in Delhi?

In Delhi, all the 6 district courts handle the family cases and proceedings. They are at Karkardooma, Dwarka, Saket, Tis Hazari, Patiala House, and Rohini. We have our advocates’ functional in all these courts. You can file the divorce case in one of these Family Courts depending upon your current address or residence, permanent matrimonial home of the concerned parties or the place of marriage.

At G.S. Bagga & Associates, all the documents pertaining to marital assets, matters related to the children and any other issues of importance are gathered by the experienced divorce case specialist lawyer in Delhi.

Process Follow by Our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi during the Divorce Case

The procedure of divorce starts when either of the spouses (Petitioner) lawyer files the divorce petition in the court which is served to the other spouse (Respondent). Such petition must necessarily file in the High Court of the state where either of the spouses resides in. Though, the marriage place doesn’t matter.

The attorney files the divorce petition with the court and the same is served upon the respondent, the other party. During the divorce process, the attorney at G.S. Bagga & Associates files a discovery motion to collect the evidences from your spouse. The Discovery motion includes all the information of your spouse in respect of the tax returns, the credit card bills, the property documents, the earning statements. These documents help in calculating the amount of spousal support or / and the child support that you may contest for after getting the divorce decree. It also helps the attorney for claiming the division of the assets and the debts, if any, of your spouse

Important Things To Remember While Filing Divorce Petition

  • The partners (referred to as parties in legal terminology) must have been separated for at least one year before filing the divorce petition.
  • Proof of marriage must be submitted in the court in order to file the divorce petition.
  • The parties must provide their individual, recent photographs while filing the divorce petition
  • The parties must also provide their proof of residence to the court.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal advice on the divorce cases through in-person meeting or via online platform.
  • Drafting of the divorce petitions
  • Legal advice from the highly qualified and experienced divorce lawyers in Delhi.

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