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Foreign Investment and Joint VentureĀ 

Foreign Investment is a flow of capital from one country to the other in exchange for significant ownership stakes in local businesses or other local properties or assets. Normally, it means that a foreigner who invested in a business of other country then the foreigner is eligible to take active part in the management and it’s decisions of that business as an investor.

About Joint Venture

joint Venture is a business agreement where two businesses agreed to carry out a specific task by using both of their resources to accomplish the task, each of the participant of a joint venture (JV) is responsible for their shares of profits, losses and all the incurring costs associated with that joint venture. One more thing is that the joint venture is a separate business entity apart from the participant’s other businesses. It can be between more than 1 domestic businesses or a blend of domestic and overseas businesses.

What Law Office of GS Bagga And Associates Do?

We at Law Office of GS Bagga and Associates provide proper consultation to the needy parties in getting foreign investment and help them to built joint venture for their future projects. We thoroughly follow all legal procedures and help the needy to prepare all legal documents for their further collaborations. We look after all the aspects and some of them are given below.

  • Due diligence: Making a complete due diligence from all the aspects so that the needy get maximum satisfaction with all of its clarifications.
  • Help in finding the best possible partners and best technology: With the help of network in the industry, we helps the needy to get the best possible leads to have a choice and make the deal in the best possible manner. Furthermore, we assist the participant even after joint venture so that they do not face any hurdles while dealing with any situation.
  • Structuring and negotiating best possible Joint Venture terms and contracts: Once the needy choose the lead with whom they want to get into joint venture, there after we help them to get into a best possible joint venture and draft contracts covering the laws in the best possible manner.
  • Drafting of various agreement: The Law Office of G.S. Bagga and Associates assists regularly in drafting joint venture agreement, collaboration agreement, technology transfer agreement and trade mark license agreement in such a form that provides maximum benefit to the participant along with maintaining the law.
  • Obtaining all kinds of approvals from all concerned authorities: The Law Office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps the participant to obtain all kinds of approvals from all concerned authorities. It helps them to remove all the hurdles and restriction which the agency or authority imposes on them for running their business or work. Furthermore, we give proper consultation to them so that all the licenses are renewed on time and update with them if there is any change of law so that appropriate decision can be taken by them before any problem arise on their smooth running.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulation: The Law Office of G.S. Bagga and Associates help in getting the compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulation that are done while forming a company or running a company or doing any other kind of business. We keep on updating the participant as and what changes are required by the agency or corporation or appropriate authority to run the business successfully and smoothly.
  • Consulting on tax planning for joint venture or collaboration: The Law Office of G.S. Bagga and Associates always provide proper consultation to the participant of joint venture or collaboration. We help in providing the best tax plans while the participant get into joint venture or collaboration. Furthermore, we keep them updated with the best possible financial and tax structure.

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