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How an Extortion Case Lawyer Can Help in Extortion Case

Extortion is a criminal offense which has been committed under some special circumstances, most of the times this has been done by any criminal group and its intention is to create terror or fear to the victim, in this crime the victim doesn’t get hurt in most of the cases but get feared of getting hurt or any other type of social, physical or mental damage to the victim or the people associated with the victim. In this case you can consult an extortion case lawyer. For example “the monetary capital city of India” Mumbai is the most infamous zone for extortion money in our country. This city has always been influenced by the “underworld” their godfathers and their other members. Under the activity of extortion the demand could be of anything that will be in form of money, property, any type of tangible or intangible assets or any other thing or information which will benefit the criminal. The warning could be verbal or written, it could be of any type, the objective of this crime is to get benefit not to harm the victim but in some cases the victim get hurt or killed by the criminals.

There are many types of crimes which are quite like extortion or we can say that those crimes are other type of extortion and some of them are listed below.

  • Badger game: Someone is tricked into a compromising situation.
  • Clip joint: By using any trick to make the victim to pay money for poor goods and services or nothing.
  • Coercion: Force someone to behave involuntary.
  • Confidence trick: Defraud someone after gaining the confidence of that person or the group.
  • Cryptovirology: A type of software scam in which the criminal encrypts the data of the victim by using fake keys and the real user loses his/her data and cannot decrypt that until unless he/she doesn’t pay for that key.
  • Dognapping: Someone gets away with the dog of someone mostly in cases of purebred dogs.
  • Loan sharking: Offers unsecured loans to individuals or groups on high interest rates and show them the threats of violence if they can’t pay the loan in a committed time interval.
  • Nuclear blackmail: In this case the aggressor shows the threat of nuclear weapons to fulfill his/her objective.
  • Prize: One person offers something to someone to victimize the victim.
  • Racket: Any false service provider promise to solve a problem that doesn’t exist actually.
  • Sextortion: Forcing any individual or group of individuals to send sexual images or perform sexual services.
  • Terrorism: A policy to intimidate people or cause terror amongst people to fulfill their objectives.
  • Tiger kidnapping: Taking of an innocent one to make their loved one(s) to do something according to the criminal.
  • Wheel clamping: Extortion of money from the motorists and from all those ones who uses any type of vehicle to travel from one destination to another.

One more thing is that extortion case is the intermediary between the offense of Theft and Robbery and it is cognizable and non bailable crime. The offense of extortion includes listed aspects.

  • Putting a fear of injury in the mind of the person intentionally.
  • The fear is of injury to self or to some other person in whom the person is interested.
  • Due to such fear the person gets induced to deliver the property to any person and such property is capable of being converted into a valuable security.

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