commercial transaction matters

Banking and Financial Lawyer in Delhi

The parties that enter into a contract for matters related to commercial transactions lay down their own rules and make the laws for themselves. Though the law does not lay down any absolute rights and liabilities on the contracting parties, rather there is only overall control of law that there is no imposition which are not reasonable or are opposed to the public policy.

However, to consummate a contract there has to be mutuality and meeting of minds of the contracting parties.

Certain formalities are needed to be followed, positively, by the parties to constitute a contract to be legal. The Law office of G.S. Bagga& Associates closes scrutinizes and analyses the documents which constitute a binding legal relationship between the parties to the contract.

The Law office of G.S. Bagga& Associates assesses the case, i.e a preliminary review of the contract documents, research thereof and the gathering of facts.

The Law office of G.S. Bagga& Associates comes to the rescue of aggrieved person:

  1. When the other party renounces the liability under the contract
  2. Whenthe other party, by its own deliberate act, makes it impossible the performance of his/her obligations under the contract
  3. When a party totally or partially fails to perform his/her part of the contract.
  4. When a party fraudulently and deliberately cheats another party.
  5. When the essential conditions of a valid contract is not followed by the parties
  6. When a person who is not in the capacity to contracts enter into an agreement, thereby refuting the essentials of contract
  7. When the consent of a party is taken due to Coercion, Undue Influence, Mistake, Fraud or Misrepresentation
  8. For successful specific performance of contract
  9. For non performance of contract
  10. For issues related to Bailment and Pledge
    • Recovery of extraordinary expenses
    • Right of sale of property in case of default
  11. For issues related to Indemnity and Guarantee
    • Right of representation in case of misrepresentation or concealment
    • Right of surety to get discharged due to revocation, variance in terms of contract.
  12. For issues related to Specific Relief, which may include
    • Recovery of Possession of Property
    • Specific Performance of Contract
    • Preventive Relief
    • Declaratory Relief
    • Rectification and Cancellation of Instruments
    • Rescission of Contracts
    • Recovery of Possession of Immovable Property
    • Suit by person dispossessed of immovable Property
    • Recovery of possession where such possession is gratuitous