corporate restructuring

Corporate Re-Structuring

Corporate Re-structuring is a process of reorganizing the legal, operational, ownership and other structures to make that organization more profitable than present situation or organized it in better way for its present needs so that the profit can be maximized. There various other reasons which are responsible for the corporate restructuring of an organization like change of ownership or ownership structures, merger of company, dissolution, any business crisis like recession, bankruptcy. Corporate restructuring is also known as debt restructuring and financial restructuring.

Corporate restructuring is taken into consideration when there are substantial issues involved. Companies start this process in order to enhance their working skills and modify the structural approach. This process involves taking essential steps:

  • For enhanced company performance
  • Better results of people working there
  • Personnel restructuring
  • Financial operations
  • Company working methodology

The idea is to

  • Restructure the strategic approach
  • Profit maximization
  • Synergy and dynamism
  • Cash flow
  • Brand building
  • Asset utilization
  • Operational factors
  • Financial rescheduling
  • Taxation and other factors

Acquisitions and strategic alliances

How Do GS Bagga And Associates Help In Corporate Re-Structuring?
GS Bagga and Associates helps organizations legally in various types of corporate restructuring and some of them are given below:

  • Mergers, De-Mergers and Reverse Mergers: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps organizations and companies in merging, de-merging and reverse merging by following proper legal process. We always help the organizations and companies who want to do corporate restructuring due to merger, de-merger or reverse merger.
  • Acquisitions: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps firms, companies and organizations during the process of acquisitions by assisting them in all legal works and make that process simpler for them so that their acquisition can be processed successfully and they can grow at a rapid rate. Whether the acquisition is friendly or hostile we always tries makes sure that it is done successfully.
  • Takeover: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates provide assist various business houses, corporate houses, firms, companies and organizations in the process of takeover. In taking over other company or organization all the legal processes get followed by us thoroughly, so that they takeover other company in a proper way and that rescues them from any type of future crisis that can be arisen due to takeover.
  • Capital Re-Organization: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps companies and firms to revive from financial trouble. We help in restatement of assets and liabilities, as well as holding talks with creditors for repayments structure. Our assistance helps you to extend the life of company and possibility of past situations reoccurring. In this way we assist you in capital reorganization by completing all legal procedures.
  • Planning, Restructuring and Execution: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps the firms and companies in planning, restructuring and execution by following all legal processes and help them to get into the best possible position in their business and grow at a swift pace.
  • Tax Efficient Structure: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps firms in preparing an efficient tax structure after following all legal processed and that helps the firms to maximize their profits and make the firm more organized to fulfill the present needs of the firm.
  • Obtaining Approval By Various Government Bodies: Law office of G.S. Bagga and Associates helps the companies obtaining approval by various government bodies like Registrar of Companies, Company Law Board, Official Liquidator, Ministry of Company Affairs, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Stock Exchanges to make sure that they get a hassle free license to run their company smoothly. We assist them in all types of legal procedures, legal processes, legal documentation and many more.

What Are Firm’s Expectations From Us?

  • Legal support
  • Transparent policies
  • Strong representation in completing legal procedures, processes and documentations
  • Trustworthy experience
  • Proper consultation and assistance

Contact GS Bagga And Associates

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