Child Custody

Child custody is painful and scary for parents undergoing divorce. We at G.S. Bagga & Associates helps in advance planning and prepare a convincing case and win child custody. Our lawyers have worked closely with child-custody cases and has formulated the following tips to prepare our clients for custody.

  1. UNDERSTANDING CHILD CUSTODY LAWS – Our lawyers make sure that our clients are well known with child custody laws. We ensure that the understanding process is simple and helps with a list of questions at the time of attending the hearing.
  1. UNDERSTANDING BETTER PARENT STANDARD – Our lawyers make sure that our clients are better than their spouses to be best prepared for child custody in terms of best care giver to the child.
  1. TAKE RIGHT DOCUMENTS TO COURT – Our lawyers determine that all the correct documents are brought to the court for the child custody case.
  1. HAVE PROPER COURTROOM ETIQUETTE – Our lawyers make sure that our clients are groomed to behave appropriately in court and avoid any risk of losing custody. We discuss proper courtroom etiquette with our clients to get a better understanding of what’s expected and any pitfalls such as emotional outbursts or accusatory statements.
  1. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING HEARING – Our lawyers make sure that our clients are well known with conditions that falls under child custody hearings as they tend to be less adversarial or combative than other types of court cases.
  1. DRESS APPROPRIATELY – Our lawyers make sure that our clients make a positive impression and we keep in check that the courtroom attire is not overlooked. As, it impacts the judgement in the child custody case.


  1. PHYSICAL CUSTODY – In this case, the child is handed over to the custodial parent to live and the other parent is allowed to visit, meet and interact with the child at regular intervals.
  2. JOINT CUSTODY – In this case, the child lives with both parents on rotational basis based on mutual agreement between the separated parents.
  3. SOLE CUSTODY – In this case, the child is handed over entirely to one parent if the other parent is proved to be abusive, unstable, offensive or incapable of upbringing the child.
  4. THIRD PARTY CUSTODY– This is also known as non parental custody in this case, the child custody is given to a guardian or third person instead of the biological parents. This is also often termed as non-parental custody.


The Law Office of G.S. Bagga & Associates helps parent to get the custody of a child and raise them in the best possible manner. We take care of all the aspects which the court is going to consider while deciding the custody of the child and make sure court gets satisfied with our plea and we succeed in getting the custody of child.

At G.S. Bagga & Associates, our practice is focused exclusively on family law. Our extensive knowledge of how the area of law intertwines (and how the law is practically applied) gives us unique insights for parents, particularly those who want to custody of their child. It is our goal to help you avoid the common custody pitfalls and ensure the legal process is as smooth and seamless as possible. If you are seeking custody of your child after divorce, contact us on G.S. Bagga website for a personalized consultation. We will conduct an extensive assessment of your needs and goals and review all your available options. At G.S. Bagga & Associates, we aim to provide skilled representation for all types of custody in Delhi.

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