All marriages suffer from highs and lows, if your marriage is beginning to take a downfall on your mental and physical health, it’s time to reevaluate if your partner is the right one for you and if there is a chance to solve the problem than how should you address them:

  • NON-EXISTENT INTIMACY – When the couple do not have any physical and emotional intimacy and act like strangers in a household. Losing intimacy can costs a vital bridge between the couple. In such cases the couple must handle the issues with love and understanding, and a determination to make the relationship better.
  • FIGHTING CONSTANTLY – When the couple has disagreement constantly it leads to unavoidable fights between them which are unhealthy and unproductive. The couples should take steps to resolve it by being more receptive to their point of view and imagine things from their perspective to ease of the tensions between the couple.
  • UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS – When the couple start to have unsettled issues and avoid them by unresolved arguments. The couple must talk about it openly about the concerns with each other to find a conclusion to the problem.
  • NO COMMUNICATION – When the couple aren’t communicating openly about their problems. They must pay attention and avoid any judgmental language so that the couple can communicate freely without fear of judgement.
  • LACK OF HONESTY – When the couple is dishonest with each other in damages their relationship it starts when they keep secret, lie to each other. The couple should avoid choosing what things to share and what not to share.
  • MORE FOCUS ONLY ON KIDS – When the couple give more attention to the kids rather than to each other. The couple must balance the bond between their relationship and their kids. As children is the best way to have loving and stable relationships.
  • COMPARING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO OTHERS – When couple starts to compare their relationship to others and validate other relationships. The couple should talk with each other about their needs and wants from each other.
  • ISSUES ABOUT MONEY – When the couple have problems related to finance, the couple should talk about their financial goals and make sure that they are on the same page concerning inflow and outflow to avoid any conflict related to money.
  • CHEATING – When one of the partners confides with other person and not with their spouse. The couple must find a third party to help through the situation.
  • NO TRUST – When the couple start losing trust and faith from each other. The couple must discuss and come to a solution and learn to move on in the relationship. Communicate with each other to find solutions or consider going through couples counseling which may help to sustain and take the relationship in a positive direction.

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