Adopting a Child in India

Adopting a Child in India

Adopting a child is something which may change your life forever and your family would get complete with this but before getting into this you need to fulfill some requirements to adopt a child. So, if you’ve decided to adopt a child then you must focus on the following things below so that you get prepared for that procedure.
You must have had heard about the speculations related to the adoption of a child in India but today we will take you to the real scenario of adoption in India and what basically you need to have must for that. It also depends upon the factor that from where you’re adopting a child, understanding the requirements initially will only help you in the further journey of adoption.

These are the Requirements for Adopting a Child

  • Medical Health – The medical health of the intended adoptive parents must be stable and balanced, so as to take the full procedure of adoption in a flow without any interruption. If any of the parents suffering from any kind of serious illness or disease then the medical copy attested by their physician must be submitted stating the medical condition. Along with this other member of the family should also provide their medical stability.
  • Mental Health – Same as the medical health, mental health is also necessary to be proven that it is stable and the intended adoptive parents are mental health to adopt a child and treat him/her well. In case, the mental health of any of the parents is unstable or any kind of mental illness is there than the parents must submit the complete medical report of the illness acknowledged by the Doctor.
  • Criminal History – You need to have a clear criminal record in case getting the adoption process done easily if any criminal history found then you will have to submit the personal statement copy of the incidents happened and charges applied on you. In some cases, you could be debarred to adopt a child.
  • Marital Status – It can play the major role in adopting a child as the adoption may vary according to your marital status. Single parents have other ways of adopting a child and married parents have other ways. The adoption agency may ask you to deposit the documents if required.
  • History of Child Abuse – All the family members of the intended adoptive parents above the age of 18 must undergo the process of clearance of child abuse. If any of the child abuse cases found in the family it may interrupt the child adoption and might become unsuccessful.
  • Financial Stability – So the most important thing in raising a child is financial stability. You need to prove that you’re financially strong enough to provide the child with all the needful and essential resources in terms of securing a child’s life. These basic things are education, health and sanitation, food and home.
  • The environment at Home – The adoption agency ensures that the home of the intended adoptive parents going to adopt a child has a safe and blissful environment at home so as to raise a child in the healthy environment.

What is the Minimum Age Required Adopting a Child

In India, the regulation and the law states that the minimum age required of the parents to adopt a child must be 25 years older than the child. To adopt a child of the age of 4 or below the parent’s maximum age must be 90 years or less. For the adoption of a child between the ages of 4-8, the parent’s age should be 100 years or less. To adopt a child of the age 8 years and above, the parent’s age should be maximum 110 years or less.
These were the essential requirements to be fulfilled by the intended adoptive parents in terms of adopting a child without sacrificing the resources to be provided to the child to make his/her life secure.