Precautions You Should Take Before Purchasing a Land or House

They say that precaution is better than cure. Such is the case with the new property purchase. Although there are several laws made by government to provide safety a land buyer, but better is to keep you updated and informed. However there are various things that a buyer must keep in mind while going to buy a land or house in India. Some of the vital things are described below:

Property Should Be Cleared with Legal Titles
You at first need to make legal checks of the history of the potential land because it happens sometimes that land is under custody of someone and someone else claims his rights on property after making you purchase. For this, you should have a look on ownership of land papers. It will save you from future risks and worries. Make inspection

Goodwill of the Builder
If you are buying your property from a builder, then don’t forget to check his goodwill. A right builder will never let u down in any way. Crosscheck his history and references. Check his website and projects previously handled if possible.

Approved Property
This is also to be noticed that the builder have taken all the required approvals from the MCD department concerned and other authorities.

Overview of Projects Handled
You should always check the former record of your builder. Check whether he does complete his projects on time or not. It is seen often that most of the builders do not stick to the schedules. Of course such a risk is not there when you are buying an already constructed property but they are more expensive.

Ask From Neighbours
It is also vital that you contact neighbours near your potential property. They can you better idea about the property.

Your Budget
This is really important that you decide on your budget the pet first and then search the available options accordingly

Read Terms on Papers
Once you identified your property, you should first read your agreement carefully before finalizing the deal. After the satisfaction, you can sign your deal.

In a nutshell
Thus, if you really want to own a property, don’t forget to follow the precautionary measures. You can also take help of some experienced friends who know how to handle the property deals.