Do You Need To Be Married To Adopt A Child in India?

In the past few years, India has experienced both social and economic growth and thousands of children are still growing old without their parents and families. Here the method of child adoption plays a very significant role in the lives of those children living without their families. In this whole wide world where people of different kinds live all together, there are people among us who understand the feeling and situation of these homeless children and therefore, they take the initiative towards taking the complete responsibility of a child without a family. We salute to this humankind! So are you also soon going to adopt a child in India? If you’ve planned about it then nothing can be great as compared to this. But we understand that making a decision is just an initial step which is followed by other too many tedious steps because adopting a child in India isn’t that easy as it seems. There are multiple things to consider and you must be eligible for them to adopt a child in India.

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Who Is Allowed to Adopt and Can Unmarried Girl Adopt a Child in India?

Of course, an Indian citizen, a Non-Resident of India (NRI), a foreign citizen is allowed to adopt a child in India. There are specific guidelines and documentation process which needs to fulfill by prospective adoptive parents in terms of adopting a child in India. In India, single or unmarried female & male and a married couple is allowed to adopt a child and become adoptive parents, whereas, single male are only allowed to adopt a male child and they don’t hold the eligibility to adopt a female child in India.

Is There Any Upper Age Limit For Adoption?

The parent wishing to adopt a child must be at least 21 years old and there is no such legal upper age limit to adopt a child in India, but the different agencies set their own age limits. These agencies probably consider the maximum age of 55 years of an adoptive parent, financially, physically, emotionally and mentally stable living without any life-threatening risks. For a married couple, they must be married for the minimum of two years to adopt a child, they must be between the age group of 33-55, their combined age must not exceed the 110 years and they cannot have more than three children already in the home. Also, heterosexual couples married a minimum of two years may adopt a child in India.

Burgeoning Single Parent Adoptions

Single parent adoptions becoming a commonplace now, therefore, adoption agencies are now focusing more on single parents to adopt children awaiting homes. It is believed that a single parent is more likely to give much love and care to the adopted child and because they are independent so they can be a good role model for their child. Also, we cannot neglect the fact that there are challenges in growing up a child being a single parent.

So after reading this blog, you can understand that it is not necessary to be married to adopt a child in India, but there are some implications involved which are mandatory. So if you are planning to adopt a child in India then you may read this article carefully to know about that if you’re eligible or not.