Woman is Still Unsafe in India: Who Is Responsible?

Bringing disgrace to Indian society, increasing number of crimes against women raise the question of safety in India. Women have been dominated and exploited since ages either at home by her relatives or by anyone from the society. Everyday adds a new story to the pathetic saga of womankind. Today’s woman however claims to be strong enough but the question of their safety gain arises when incidents like Nirbhaya, Acid throwing, domestic violence, dowry related deaths of women, Sexual harassment, gang rapes, etc. occur in society.

Everyone talks about the equality between men and women in society, several laws have been formulated in this regard by government, but a woman is unfortunate enough to state that she is still unsafe and helpless in spite of varied steps taken by government of India.

Whether a woman goes outside home to lend an earning hand to her family or a housewife confined to four walls of home dedicated to serve her family, woman is insecure everywhere. Crime remains the same, only criminals change time to time. Whereas at home she faces domestic violence by one of her family members, she has to face molestation at workplace or anywhere outside.

Government talks about the women empowerment but there are thousands of women confined in their homes that are supposed to shut their mouth. They are supposed to be meek and submissive, behaving contrary to which creates lots of family troubles for them. In the name of so called stereotypes of India society, they have to compromise with their wishes and remain suppressed.

Now, the question arises who is responsible for this? And, how to change the scenario?

Well, above all it is all due to stereotype mindset of our society where a woman is a puppet in the hands of different authorities. Sometimes, this is father, mother, husband or other. The mentality of men persuades them to commit crimes against a woman. For example, for an Indian husband, his wife is kind of property and he believes that he has full right over her. Keeping this in mind, he does not hesitate to abuse her physically and mentally.

Ironically, cases of domestic violence, gang rapes, and other heinous crimes are not rare in India. Every day brings a new story of the plight of woman.

A woman in India supposed to be a best homemaker, even if she is maltreated by in-laws. Giving birth to a child, serving dedicatedly to family, rearing children in best manner, satisfying the needs of everyone at home, cooking delicious home and performing various household activities are some common role that a woman is supposed to play being a wife daughter-in-law and a mother. She has a big responsibility to take care of everyone in her life, but when she seeks a favor for her well-being nobody comes.

If we see all the things collectively, then we can state in gist that a woman in Indian society is the most helpless creature. Her feelings and expectations are ignored everywhere. And, simply formulating and executing the different favorable laws are not enough to make womankind empowered, there is an urgent need of changing the mindset of typical male-dominant society. Patriarchal society and laws made by it for women, all should be reformed if we want to improve the condition of women in society.