Why Bio Data For Marriages is Important


There is a prevalent trend of knowing each other before getting married. Irrespective of how accommodative a person is, he or she must be having a certain set of expectations from the would be life partner. It is obvious that one must be feeling of getting to know what he or she is investing into. It is a fruitful way of getting to know each other with the very compatibility and expectations that the partners have from each other. However, there must be a clear demarcation between expectations and demands. One must not put forth the ideals in a way that it appears odd to the other person. The sole purpose of this, is to predominantly look for ideal qualities in the prospective partner. Ideals that conform to your mind set and values, with the very nature and habits of leading one’s life. The term biodata doesn’t strictly adhere to the formal interpretation of oneself, rather the details that you’re enlisting must be a clear representation of your personality, traits and the colours of your conduct. It makes it easier for the other person to spot out what interests him or her the most. It is a great way of ensuring what you’re investing into, with a proper acknowledgment of each other’s personalities and the trait compatibility.


However, this concept has a legal side to it as well. The people who seek to find a compatible match for themselves, may get an insight of each other’s personalities that shall ensure

  • Emotional compatibility
  • Mutual harmony
  • Consent and good communication
  • Ideals of life and related matters
  • Bonding and commitments
  • Purpose of leading life together
  • Insight of each other’s lives
  • Mutual decision of getting married
  • Appropriate personalities and mutual traits
  • Wilful cohabitation

The very concept of marriage biodata is prevalent in countries like India and Pakistan. People get to know about each other’s families, educational backgrounds, working details, skills and occupations, genotype and interests of each of the parties. In each of the scenarios, if the parties find themselves compatible for each other, they may continue with the future course of action and related procedures thereof. This is why having a kind of biodata for one’s personality and personal details for the very purpose of establishing a relationship, is often helpful for both the people in terms of their bonding and the personal linkage. It certainly has a legal value that prevents the people from any kind of future problems and issues in their relationships. It is better to start off a relationship with a detailed analysis of what one is stepping into, and to avoid future conflicts and disputes that may arise due to mutual disregard, clash of understanding and thought process.

In order to successfully communicate the backgrounds and to put forth the expectations and kind of approach, one must

  • Establish the right kind of personality impression
  • There should be transparency and honesty
  • Communication on what you expect from each other
  • Details and backgrounds
  • Legitimate facts
  • Well established details
  • No malice in conduct