When Can You Remarry After Divorce In India?

Divorce is a “scar” which no one would like to have in the Indian society where people are so conservative. It is a term that everyone hates who have had never faced the situation. Well, have you ever wondered that why this happens and what drives your life towards divorce? The simple and straightforward answer to this is “You”. Yes! You yourself take your life towards that situation when you and your partner don’t have any other option than getting separated forever due to various factors responsible.

When Can You Remarry After Divorce in India

With the divorce, all of your rights and responsibilities towards each other dissolve and you are no more responsible for the events happen in your partner’s life. This can be the devastating situation in your life, but remember that you’re not the only one and moreover, you will be back to your most desired days of freedom i.e. “Singlehood”. Here, the question arises that “how will you compromise to remarry after divorce?” According to the studies, it is found that it gets difficult to trust anyone, believe in the commitments and imagine a happy married life again, but the life must go-on.

What Does Law in India Says About Remarriage After Divorce?

Let’s talk about what does law says in India for the remarriage after getting the divorce? Then, in the case of decree of divorce, both the parties have to wait at least for 90 days before tying knot with some other person or getting married again.

Section 15 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Decree of Divorce

90-days period for the appeal is given to both the parties from the day of decree of divorce and if there is no appeal made during this period then either of the parties become eligible to remarry after the given appeal period gets over.

Mutual Consent Divorce

But, in case of mutual consent divorce, there is no such limitation for remarrying after the divorce as it has a very genuine reason that the divorce has been already granted on the grounds of the agreement of both the parties, so in such case the question for appeal later doesn’t arise. Here, either of the divorced parties can remarry any day again after the divorce is granted.

What Should You Do During the Appeal Period Then?

Immediately recovering after the trauma of divorce can be difficult. Post-divorce you can be heartbroken and mentally tired but you don’t need to harbor negative vibes around you. You must feel good enough to keep yourself up of the divorce and focus on moving on in life and making it happier.

The Conclusion- What Should You Do?

So, the conclusion of the topic is that everything requires time and with that time you have to wait for the right thing to happen to you. If the last marriage had the worst grounds to survive then it is suggested to not rush for the things again so early because you must be mentally and physically broken. Also, just remember that whatever has life done to you at last it is all for a good reason.