What Should You Do When You Want Divorce And Your Spouse Doesn’t?

Most probably, when you got married, both you and your spouse were just as excited to begin a new chapter of life together. Sadly, when things go horribly wrong and it comes to dissolving a marriage, the feelings aren’t always mutual. If you want a divorce but your spouse doesn’t, it can be extremely frustrating for you. Consider trying the following tips when it comes to divorcing an unwilling spouse.

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Hopefully, these steps will help you save you money, time and maintain your sanity throughout the divorce procedure.

Get Help From A Professional Divorce Attorney

First things first– Divorce is traumatic and can trigger strong emotions for both of you. Hiring a divorce lawyer before taking any action is always a great option as the legal processes are complicated. Chat with your lawyer to understand the possibilities and outcome. If you are unable to get a lawyer for yourself, contact your local courthouse and seek their help. Some courthouses include law libraries or staff that can help you in this difficult time.

Be Empathetic

Approach your spouse with the greatest empathy and try to understand their point of view and the negative emotions they have gone through. It is extremely important that the spouse who is declaring the decision of ending the marriage presents in such a way that shows the thought process and consideration that went into making this strong decision.

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Start Communicating

Most of the time lack of communication complicates the entire matter. Remember that it is important to start a conversation and discuss the circumstances as frankly and truthfully as possible. More often than not, talking it out honestly can help a hesitant spouse to recognize the situation and take a decision in your favor.

Give It Time

In most cases, if your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, they are being reluctant because of the fact that your decision of divorce came as a surprise to them and it was quite expected for them. Even if your spouse knows deep down that there was a problem in the marriage for quite some time, most people need some time to psychologically get ready for divorce. Once you’ve conveyed your decision to your spouse, wait patiently and give them some time to process this major decision of divorce.

Figure Out Your Options

If it has become impossible for you to stay with your spouse, you can choose to live separately. No law requires married couples to live under the same roof. Whether you are still married or in the verge of divorce, you can always reside apart from your spouse if you want to.

File Your Divorce Petition

If nothing seems to work, take help of a divorce attorney and file your divorce petition. A divorce is a lawsuit and your spouse does not necessarily have to be in agreement to it for you to file the divorce petition.

Divorce cases can be complex, and you should always seek out legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney in your region.