What is Plea Bargaining in Indian Penal Code?

Plea bargaining as its name suggests is an agreement in a criminal case which is done between the prosecutor and the defendant. It depends on the way a plea is done. It can also be referred as a contract done between defendant and the prosecutor which can ask defendant to do something for a lesser sentence or charge. It can also be defined as just to establishing a mutual agreement of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Plea bargaining is helpful in reducing rush and overcrowd in courts. Defendants are too helped to save time and money.This is why this is used widely by people.

Types of Plea Bargaining

Sentence Bargaining

Sentence bargaining is when a defendant accepts to plead guilty to the stated charge in lieu of a light sentence. But it must be reviewed by a judge.

Charge Bargaining

This is the most common type of plea bargaining in which greater charges are dismissed and defendant gets ready to plead guilty to a lesser charge or sentence.

Fact Bargaining

This type of plea is used rarely and appears when a defendant gets ready to stipulate to certain facts o that other facts are prevented to be introduced. This type of plea bargaining is usually nit allowed by most of the courts.