Legal Remedies When Your Wife is in Multiple Relationships

When a woman or a man is in multiple relationships, even after marriage or has an extra marital affair or affairs, it can be cautious for the future of the respective couple. Literally, it refers to a person who is married and still dating someone else simultaneously. In the current scenario, many people tend to date others and cheat on their better halves without regretting for the same. In their opinion, it is fair and square to have an ‘extra marital affair’ or to date someone outside if he or she isn’t able to establish a so called husband-wife relationship with each other. Also, some of them do it even when they are already into a perfectly established lawful wedded relationship. Most of the men fall a prey to cheating with their wives dating another person. For such women who cheat on their husbands, certain legal remedies have been brought forward so that they can seek help and the culprits can be punished. Section 497 and Section 498 of law are applicable and following remedies are available under the same:

  • Adultery charge can be applied under section 497 and the woman can be imprisoned for five years, given that the legal process usually extends up to twenty five years.
  • Wives can be punished under section 498 and the imprisonment can be extended up to two years or more or even a penalty can be imposed or both.

A man who is aggrieved when his wife is in multiple relationships whether with the consent of the husband or not can seek assistance as it is considered a punishable offence in the eyes of law. Also, the spouses are emotionally dependent on one another, so cheating on the part of any of the two can make the other one take revenge and get the partner punished. Therefore, the law has provided these remedies keeping in mind the wellbeing of the married couples.

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