Legal remedies when your husband is in multiple relationships

The Indian Judiciary is encountering more and more cases related to domestic violence and adultery. Today, Divorce is been discussed over a cup of tea as if it is not a big deal. So are relationships. Adultery and marriages leading to divorce has become a fad. Nevertheless, addressing the issue when spouse (husband) is in multiple relationships at an early stage is important.

Women in India get maximum benefit and help from the Law and Judicial System. Therefore, women should not crouch under fear if they are exposed to adultery by their husbands. Even though adultery is not criminal offence but it is illegal and is a breach to your marriage vows. However, a husband will face legal consequences and may be punished and penalized for the act.

Section 497, 498 are the Adultery Laws of the Indian Jurisdiction. The wife, if sure of the extra marital affair of husband leading to adultery, has to accumulate proof against her spouse and support her FIR. It is very difficult to obtain direct evidence hence circumstantial verification is a solid ground to fight the case for. General evidence of the illegal relationship of husband will not be enough to support the matter, hence the following will be considered as strong case evidence;

  1. Circumstantial proof
  2. Birth of children
  3. Venereal diseases
  4. Visiting the house of the other woman
  5. Admission and confession by the husband
  6. Clear association with the other party

Whatever be the situation, the court makes the verdict benefiting the children of both the parties. When a child is involved, it is advised by the law to solve the problem without dragging each other in to court proceedings; either they can make up and live together or they can break up and file for a divorce.

The two laws Sec 497 and 498 have been passed to preserve the righteousness of the wedding vows. Hence, it is the right of every woman to take legal actions when husband is proven guilty with all grace.

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