Legal Remedies for Desertion Of Husband

Abandonment or Desertion is a situation when one person leaves the other with or without the consent of the latter. When desertion takes place, some proof is mandatory to be given. This proof includes elements like without consent of the other spouse, without justification, a voluntary separation of either of the two spouses, and with intent of not continuing cohabitation. This is just a myth that only a man can be ‘the cheater’ in a married relationship but the ugly truth is that even women desert their men for some reason or the other. These reasons need not be always cheating but they may differ depending upon the situation of the people or the kind of relationship they are sharing.

When his spouse deserts a man, he seeks for help and this is the reason why the government has provided certain remedies so that the victim or the aggrieved gets his justice. Perhaps, the reliefs and remedies introduced in case of desertion or abandonment of spouse are the same for both men as well as women. The legal options of an abandoned spouse depend on the respective state law.

Following legal remedies are available for desertion of a husband:

  • Some spouses depend financially on the other one if they formerly provided them income, in such cases, the deserted spouse has the option of taking a prescribed sum of money monthly or annually as decided by the respective state where they were separated.
  • Laws of some states establish a duty of support even if the spouses do not divorce.
  • Others permit the abandoned spouse to request spousal maintenance on a temporary basis when the divorce is pending and on long-term basis if the divorce is finalized.

Other than these, the deserted spouse can go for divorce, alienation of affection lawsuit, or he can file a desertion complaint as well. Whatever remedy one chooses depends up on the situation in which a husband has been deserted by his wife.

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