Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

Irretrievable breakdown of marriage is a term that is used to denote an unworkable and emotionally stagnated marriage relationship that has no future and it cannot be retrieved by ways whatsoever. It is a situation where partners don’t intend to work upon the dead relationship or they become potentially incapable of working it out. The enlisted case law is related to the concept of irretrievable breakdown of marriage.


The facts of the one related case state that the appellant A, got married to the respondent, B. They had three sons together. The relationship fell out quite soon. In some of the recent cases, honourable courts have pronounced judgements after carefully undermining the substantial issues and situations related to the cases.
There could be such pronouncement by court if it’s of the opinion that there is no suitable legislation in this behalf.

The powers are often exercised in rare circumstances and grounds. When the court is of the opinion that the end result of a marriage won’t be fruitful, the court may grant divorce. This is what happened in this case, as court ordered cancellation of marriage between the parties as per the section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and there was order of payment of allowance. However, this very order of family court was dismissed on appeal and the matter was taken into consideration by the Supreme Court. The primary issue was whether the decree should have been granted in the instant case or not. As per the findings of Trial Court, the appellant was harassed and tortured by the respondent to financial, mental and physical extent.

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As per the court, the couple wasn’t cordial with each other and there was no mutual respect and bonding left between them. They were in an emotionally infidel state and had absolutely no cordiality or linkage left. The most crucial thing that could have done was to dissolve the marriage. This became necessary for them to step out of the mutual disharmony and disputed state to something more respectful, happy and effortless. A successful marriage is a result of mutual respect, harmony, integrity and understanding. However, there have been many cases where couples have been seen lacking these aspects and they decide to get separated from each other. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage is just another kind of marriage breakdown where there is no scope of change from either of the parties and court feels correct to issue the order of splitting.


In the case enlisted here, the high court was of the opinion that the actions of appellant amounted to misconduct at his part and thus, uncondonable. It was as per the section 13(1)(a) of the Hindu Marriage Act. The Trial court’s judgement was set aside by High Court in this matter. There was a preference of special leave petition by the appellant to Supreme Court and the divorce petition was filed on grounds of cruelty, to which the court put forth contentions with regard to how one can divide and define cruelty in various judgements. The court was of the opinion that standard of proof which is to be used while deciding upon such matrimonial cases was basically the standard of ascendancy of probability and other related matters.
There is no necessity of that legal cruelty is to be established only when there’s violence used by the parties, mental agony is also just as cardinal. The conduct must be of such a nature that the person of ordinary prudence might get affected in normal circumstances by the nature of it, be it physical or mental infliction and agony. Speaking of the case, the appeal was disposed of and there was incorporation of irretrievable breakdown of marriage recommended.