Important Legal Rights Of Married Woman

Married Women

Marriage is a pure bond between the husband and wife; it binds people and families together. Marriage can turn out either successfully or fail terribly. The major drawback is society as it makes difficult for women to speak and take action against marital violence. Therefore, married woman has to know her legal rights. Hence, we at G.S. Bagga & Associates provide a detailed list of Indian legal rights of an Indian woman.


  1. RIGHT TO MATRIMONIAL HOME – This Right entitles a wife to legally stay at her matrimonial home in such circumstances when her spouse dies, victim of domestic violence. It is her choice to live in her matrimonial home until she has found a proper place to move in and if she has found her living space she can legally stay there if she wants to.
  2. RIGHT TO DIVORCE – This Right entitles a wife to file for divorce without any consent from the husband, if the wife is subjected to infidelity, cruelty, physical and emotional violence etc. According to law, under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 a wife can file for divorce and under section 125 Cr.P.C a wife can claim maintenance, a wife can rightfully claim maintenance for herself and her child from her husband.
  3. RIGHT TO STREE DHAN – This Right Entitles a wife to claim her streedhan as she is the sole owner of the her own property under section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and under section 27 of the Hindu Marriage Act. Under section 19A of the protection of women against domestic violence act a wife can file a complaint if her right is denied.
  4. RIGHT TO CLAIM CHILD’S CUSTODY – This right ensures wife to claim the custody of her child especially if her child is 5 years of age. The wife can take her child to her matrimonial home without legal order. Even if the court orders equal custody to the husband and wife, the wife can have the custody in a event of a disputed home.
  5. RIGHT TO ABORTION – This Right ensures the wife to legally abort a pregnancy without the permission of her husband or family. According to law under medical termination of pregnancy Act, 1971 that gives the right to terminate the pregnancy until 24 weeks.
  6. RIGHT TO PROPERTY – This Right ensures a wife equal rights to inherit her father’s property even after she is married. The wife has the right on her husband’s property. If the husbands marry second time without divorcing the first wife, the first wife shall have all the property rights.
  7. RIGHT TO REPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – This Right ensures the wife to file a complaint against her husband and his family if she faces domestic violence such as acts of physical, emotional, sexual, and economical or any acts of ill- treatment.
  8. RIGHT TO REPORT DOWRY AND HARRASMENT – This Right ensures the wife to report against her husband and his family if any exchange of dowry is involved in the marriage. According to law under section 304B and 498A IPC criminalises the exchange of dowry and harassment of any kind.


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