How to safeguard yourself from Fake sec498 charges?

Sec 498a is a charge against criminal offence when a woman is harassed, killed, ill-treated, divorced for not bringing dowry. Other term used for this offence is “Matrimonial Cruelty” done to a woman. Matrimonial cruelty in India considered a non-bailable and non-compoundable offence. Husband or a relative of husband who is found convicted in such a case is a subject for punishment or imprisonment which can be three years and fine can also be charged.
However this act was meant to save the women from such harassments and to punish those who do so. But it is found sometimes women misuse their power. Sometimes women make false allegations against their husbands for may be getting rid of them or hurt their family. Women who take due advantage of this act become menace to some innocent people. Duly understanding this and seeing the increase of such number of cases, a recent judgment came against the misuse of Sec-498a I.P.C.
If you have become victim of false charge, then there are few things that you can do to save you from punishment. Here is a brief detail:
Collect the evidences that can prove your innocence. It can be letter, audio, video or so.
Another thing you can do is just ask people who have same experience.
Once you get to know that your wife has filed 498a, go underground till your lawyer manages bail for you.
Last but not least, take advice from an experienced lawyer.

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