How to Register FIR against Your Spouse Living Outside India

There are innumerable provisions for women in India for protecting themselves against domestic violence and other cruelties by their spouse and in laws. Marriage is a serious affair and is a long-time relationship with a stranger and his/her family.  Compromise and understanding is a part of this self-made institution. So, when things fall apart and especially when betrayal and infidelity is involved, then it is better to get out of it as soon as possible and before it gets uglier.

Having extra marital affair while in marriage is a crime and is punishable by law. If your spouse is living outside India and you have a severe doubt of his involvement in a relationship with other woman, you can file a complaint against him and through mutual consent decide on the punishment. But if it is to be found that the relationship he is engaged with is illegal as in the person in question is below 14 years of age, then the crime is punishable by law with temporary imprisonment.

If you are strong with your suspicion, you can file a complaint for which you need to seek advice from lawyers of your country who will help you with the process. However, you may have to ask for assistance from the police department of the foreign country and file a complaint through them. This is due to the difference in law structure in each country and one must follow the law and order of that particular country. Filing FIR against your husband will need the consent of the law of the country in question and punishment should be according to the foreign country’s regulation.

Once you look out for an established lawyer, your work will substantially reduce as your attorney will coordinate with police department of your husband’s country. However, the investment on time and money will be more when compared to the legal procedures in India. If the case is not complicated you may not have to go visit the foreign country for the trail and processes.