How to Register an NGO in India?

NGO also referred as Non Governmental Organizations or Non Profit Organizations play an important role to catering to the issues of society. NGOs play a balancing role between the state and citizens so that people can take advantage of various governments’ schemes. It has been observing that many educated people are turning to start an NGO these days in order to spread awareness among masses. But starting an NGO requires having complete understanding of whole procedures and laws.

NGOs in India can be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and according to the section 20 of this act certain societies can be registered including charitable societies, societies established for science or literature or fine arts, etc., and that too for some genuine reasons.

 In India NGOs can be registered as societies, trusts, or private limited company as such organizations are self-governed by ‘managing committee’ or ‘board of trustees’. Besides, there are some basic requirements for making a registration for NGO which include the following:

  • A registration form which remains available at Registrar‘s office free of cost.
  • A Memorandum of association and rules and regulation for the organization to be formed
  • Consent letters of all the members of the managing committee.
  • Authority Letter duly signed by all the members of the managing committee
  • A declaration by the members of the managing committee that the funds of the society Registration Procedure.

Procedure of NGO Registration

All the documents as mentioned above are needed to be submitted in duplicate along with the required registration fee. The registrar’s office then issues a certificate once all the verification process is completed.