How to Protect Yourself from Dowry Allegations

Each year in various parts of the country, thousands of complaints regarding dowry harassment is found to be untrue. Making 498a, one of the most abused laws of the country, the number of cases filed by unscrupulous women to extort or avenge personal vendetta against husband and his family is ever increasing. The alarming situation has reached the notice of the Government, the reason why, the authority has thought of proposing changes in the law to punish only the guilty and also to impose fine and punishment for misuse of the act.

However before amendment of any sort comes gets implemented there are few things which can be done to protect own self from such Dowry allegations to a certain level. They are

Inform Friends and Relatives

If such an enviourment can be predicted from supposed threats and allegations, it is better to keep the family and friends intimated about constant threat by the partner. Involve people so that things just not remained confined between the involved couple.

Stay Away, Kill the Time

Another good way if an enviourment is predicted is to keep low or stay out for few months in some other family members house to kill the time so that after one year can file a divorce case

Contest the case

Contest the wife on the merits of the filed case. Any complain needs to be justified with proper evidence and if that cannot be provided, the case does not stand. And if it is proved that the case is falsely lodged, it can become a help to procure divorce from the partner.

Take an Anticipatory Bail

Fourthly an anticipatory bail can be collected in case the female partner already files a 498A case. This will help if there is a situation of arrest in the case.

Collect Evidence

Lastly it is advisable to keep video recordings of such threats. Once evidence of the cruelty remains on records, proving the forged complains will be easy and even it may act as a source of evidence if the case moves to the court of trial.

So take the initiative and act accordingly to save yourself from dowry allegations.

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