How to Protect Cruelty Against Husband in India Legally

Marriage is an institution which  is to create union between a man and woman who become husband and wife after marriage and take oath to live with each other with doing respect each other’s similarities and differences. But in some cases it is seen that cruelty is done by one of both. Whether it is husband or wife, there is a provision in law to protect cruelty against husband or wife, whoever is found guilty. Since cruelty is an inhuman act that cause mental suffering. And, it also happens sometimes that men too become victim of cruelty done by their wives which cause mental suffering to them.

There are some misuses which are done by wives in a marriage which may include the following:

  • Misuse of dowry laws or domestic violence act and section 497-aof IPC by wife by lodging false complaints
  • Betrayal by wife
  • Adultery by the wife, means having extra-marital affair deliberately
  • Wife going to do second marriage without having divorced
  • Threatening to commit suicide or leaving husband’s home
  • Lodging false FIR reports against husband and In-laws

Apart from these, there are other various grounds of filing a case for cruelty against husband. A law should be formed to protect the cruelty against husbands too so that wives do not misuse their legal rights for creating troubles for their husband and In-laws.