How to Avoid Cases In Matrimonial Matter

It is usually seen that when it comes to matrimonial matters, most of the people avoid court summons. These matters include cases like dowry allegation, which may be put on a husband by his wife. Many people in the country take undue advantage of the laws that have been framed for safeguarding the interests of common people. Some women file a false dowry charge on their husband under section 498a and prove them a culprit in the eyes of law or some people use this to rob a prosperous family. To avoid such a situation, following tips may be helpful:

  • Check if someone from the girl’s mother’s family or father’s family has ditcher her husband and living at her parent’s house
  • Check if the girl’s family is in deep debt and their earning capacity is less than their spending habits.
  • Make sure there is not much difference in the economic status between the two families.
  • Check and confirm the complete family background and status of the girl and her family as well.

By correctly following the above tips, one can avoid getting into a matrimonial alliance where the intention of the girl’s family is to loot the boy and his family. Nevertheless, a situation may also arise when the wife after marriage puts a false dowry case over the husband and his family. In such circumstances, one may act wisely and do the following:

  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible and file affidavit in court.
  • Make your lawyer to apply for bail of those people who have been named in the FIR.
  • If your wife is living separately from you, send her a legal notice asking her to come back. In this situation, the police won’t file FIR as you have got the proof that your wife is living separately from you.
  • On the basis of the notice, file divorce at once.

So, the cases in matrimonial matters can be avoided by taking every step carefully.

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