How to Avoid Arrest Against wife’s Crime Women Cell Complaint?

One can easily avoid the arrest against wife’s Crime Women Cell Complaint. All one needs to do is follow a few steps and adhere to the procedure correctly. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • Firstly, ask for the copy of complaint. Give the application in writing that you may kindly be given the copy of complaint so that the submission can be given properly.
  • Ask for receipt of statement from the IO and if he refuses, show him the RTI in which they have accepted that they give receipt of statement when asked by someone.
  • If he refuses to do so, mention it in your statement that the IO has refused to provide the copy of complaint.
  • Also, mention in your statement that you are ready for any kind of counseling in order to save your marriage.
  • After the second sitting, they will ask the wife to show the list of articles that are in custody of husband, make sure wife along with name and address signs it.
  • In the next date, submit your admit list saying that you are willing to return the items.
  • The next date will be given or you can tell them that you will return the items through court only.
  • Mention each time that you have not been provided the copy of complaint. Sometimes you are allowed to read the complaint. Request them to note down the same.
  • If they tell, you to present your complaint in front of ACP that means you can now file FIR.

So, if one wants to get rid of the arrest against the complaint of crime women cell, the above mentioned steps or procedure can be helpful to a great extent. Also, this can help a husband to avoid the complaint that his wife has filed against him, taking undue advantage of the laws framed for safeguarding women.

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