How to adopt a baby in India?

Are you planning to adopt a child to complete your family? If yes then you must be interested in knowing the procedure for the same. Here is brief information about the procedure of adopting child n India.

Adopt a Baby in India

Who can adopt a baby?

An Indian, Non Resident of India (NRI) or a foreign citizen can adopt a baby in India. What anyone needs to do is complete all the documentation and formalities required.

Requirements for adoptive parent

Adoptive parents must be in good health and in a good financial condition so that a baby would get better upbringing. The age of adoptive parents must be at least 21. Diffrent adoptive agencies though have different rules. If you want to adopt a child below one, the age limit is 46 years. Women can adopt a baby if their husbands agree to this. Similarly, men can adopt if they have the consent of their wives.

Laws to adopt baby in India

A child is adopted under law named The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act which was passed in India in 1956 as part of the Hindu Code Bills.
The Adoptions and Maintenance Act of 1956 is meant to deal with the legal process of adopting children by a Hindu person and also different legal formalities provide “maintenance” to various family members including, but not limited o, their wife or wives, parents, and in-laws.

Legal implication for the child adopted

One a baby is adopted; the baby comes under the guardianship of the new adopted parent(s) and thus is entitled to enjoy all the benefits from the family.
Therefore, if you want to adopt baby, then follow these instructions. Rather, beat is to consult a law firm which can advice you on this. One such name that you can take help from is what G.S Bagga is all about. Contact to know more!

Point to be Noticed: If you’re going to adopt a child in India then you must keep in mind that you’re taking all the responsibilities of that child whether his/her education, lifestyle, health, safety, etc. Only when you and your family is prepared and in support of your decision then only you should move on with your decision otherwise you must think twice before taking any step further. Also, you need to realize that the child whom you’re adopting has been left alone in the world and has not been given the kind of love which he/she deserves, so you must ensure that you treat and give him/her the kind of love which they never felt.