How Hard is it to Get Full Custody of a Child as a Mother?

custody of a child as a mother

Parents trying to get full custody of a kid during a custody battle must be ready for what may prove to be a tough fight. Full custody varies from the joint custody of a child – full custody grants physical and legal custody to one of the parents instead of both parents.

Full custody is additionally known as sole custody. In a full custody plan, one parent is the custodial parent, while the other parent is normally approved generous visitation liberties as decided by the court. For the most part, a court will consent to allow the non-custodial parent visitation rights except if visitation does not provide the best advantages for the kid.

Aspects Considered in Getting Full Custody

Parents who would like to get full custody must reflect on the following aspects that may be determinative in the court:

  • Best interests of the child – This is likely the most vital factor that a court will consider. A family court generally verifies that it’s best for guardians to share custody of a kid. A parent hoping to win full custody ought to be ready to state clear reasons why joint custody would not provide the kid’s best interests. An example of a reason you may be given the sole custody is if your ex has a history of leaving the kid home alone or issues with substance abuse.
  • Courtroom manner – A judge may decide a parent’s wellness for full custody, to some extent, based on the parent’s attitude in court. For instance, if a parent wishes to win full custody, he/she ought to keep away from intrusions and attempt to maintain her poise and avoid any kind of enraged outbursts.
  • Preparation – A judge will consider the level of planning done by a parent hoping to win full custody. Preparation incorporates factors, for example, regardless of whether the parent has a lawyer or whether he/she parent has solid documentation to help his/her situation for full custody.

Get help from a Lawyer

A family legal advisor is normally hired in such cases. In the event that you are separated or divorced from your spouse and you sense that he isn’t taking care of the kid properly, you can actually fight in the court for the custody of the kid(s). In the majority of cases, the mother is given the custody of the kids. This is standard for most families, yet there are some exceptions. If you are a mother and want to have full care, you can easily get the custody of your kids. To do this, you will require a lawyer to assist you through the process. The lawyer can enable you to present your case to the court.