How To Get Your Dowry Article Back In Matrimonial Matter

Even though it is, a modern world but still many people demand dowry from their daughter-in-law or wife. The custom of taking dowry is being followed since ages. However, many laws and remedies have been framed and brought forward, in order to protect the common people from cases of dowry. In order to get the dowry article back in matrimonial matters, one can go for the following steps:

  • The first thing that one needs to have is the proof or the evidence that the one who has taken dowry actually possess all the listed items that were claimed as dowry.
  • Secondly, those items must be registered in the name of the wife or the girl from whom the dowry has been demanded.
  • Next, the cash that was brought, was it brought in the form of bank draft or cheque or in cash itself.
  • If the cash was in liquid form, there must be a receipt or record for the same.
  • The jewelry brought as ‘stridhan’ is supposed to be with the wife unless it is kept in bank locker by her or by husband or by both and in which form it is kept should also be known.
  • If the jewelry is with the husband or the in-laws, the woman must immediately file a police complaint for misappropriation of it by them without her permission if there was record with her.
  • If it is so, the police investigation will reveal the truth that they illegally possessed all those items from the woman, without her permission or consent and this way she can get back her dowry items.

There are proper remedies for getting the items back from the cruel in-laws or the husband and if not this, having compensated for the same is also an option. This law has been made to eradicate the menace of dowry from the country and consequently the world.

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