Digital De addiction for a successful marriage


Digital addiction is growing at a fast pace in today’s world and it is said to be an impulse control disorder affecting people at large. It certainly involves all the age groups of people with different internet usage time frame and the varied social networking regime. The most adverse effect as could be seen lately, is on the personal lives. Emotional infidelity leads to mutual differences and conflicts between couples. One of the additional challenges ruining a relationship is use of technology, which leads to straining the marital relationships. In most of the instances, it leads to a permanent breakdown of marriage. The over usage of internet and spending prime hours of day surfing on net, often leads to the  breakdown of relationship.  People are addicted to different things on internet, some spend their time on games, others on social networking sites. There are several factors associated with the usage of social networking sites. It often leads to enhanced mutual conflicts, distrust and disharmony among the couples. The ultimate problem associated with the internet addiction, is that the virtual relationships often stand out than the real life relationships. People often invest a lot of their time and precious space, building virtual relationships, and adhering to the societal norms that they neglect their real life linkages and bonds.

Reasons and consequences

There are several consequences attached to internet addiction just as

  • Mental health deterioration
  • Societal pressures and related consequences
  • Disorders and lack of personal time
  • Mutual conflicts
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of communication and personal disconnect
  • Avoiding actual socialisation
  • Artificial living standards
  • Depression and social anxiety
  • Neglecting family members
  • Procrastination
  • Escaping the actual life problems (escapism)

There is a strong need of technological de addiction in order to make sure that the relationships survive. De addiction could be done in various ways, the central idea of which, is to resolve the prevalent relationship conflicts and virtual destructions. Couples often start fulfilling their emotional needs by means of internet and it grows the already existing issues between them. There could be many ways, to prevent the growing addiction of internet amongst couples and now they can seek remedial measures to establish healthier and honest relationships. Few of the measures are

  • Limiting time
  • Prevent over usage by setting alarms
  • Talk to each other
  • Seeking external help
  • Communication that prevents emotional infidelity
  • Trying to resolve the mutual conflicts
  • Communication on each other’s needs
  • Keeping your private life private
  • Having no virtual secrets shall help in building strong relationships
  • Spending more time with family
  • Talking about the needs
  • Being clear and honest with the family

Having said that, it becomes really important to detox yourself from the negativity and seek personal time, to ensure greater stability, maturity, better mutual understanding and relationships.