Why We Should Consult a Divorce Lawyer Before Filing a Divorce Case?

Law is a serious subject in a country like India, where democracy governs everything. Hence, before filing a divorce case, you should definitely consult an attorney to help guide you with the proceedings. Divorce is a very sensitive issue and when you are going through one, your rational judgement capacity is overpowered by emotional turmoil, and hence you might end up taking wrong decisions. Thus, approaching a Divorce lawyer is one of the prime steps you got to take.

Why To Consult Divorce Lawyer Before Filing a Divorce

  1. Divorce cases are handled by Family Lawyers and Divorce Laws have vast issues that are supposed to be addressed. These issues (mentioned in 4) can be successfully comprehended by an experienced Family Lawyer.
  2. If your case is simplee. you do not have children and there are limited finances involved, then you can approach a less experienced family law attorney.
  3. Complex and legal principles that make a case complicated can only be prosecuted by a veteran attorney. The principles include;

Custody law

International Custody law


Judicial involving QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) etc

  1. Other legal formalities (mentioned below) cannot be settled if not consulted a lawyer; they are

Financial settlement

Restraining orders ( so that a spouse cannot change a beneficiary or transfer assets during the divorce period)

Alimony settlement (the norms at which the alimony amount is calculated at the court and other calculations of income)

Support of Children (if any)

Retirement benefits

Allotment of properties, assets, interests and capitals and other investments made during the course of the marriage

  1. Apart from the judicial formalities, your anxiety level will considerably drop, you will be advised against making big mistakes, court related procedures will not be delayed and your legal documents will be authentic and secure.

Your date of hearing, updates on the case and your spouse and other loop holes which we overlook can be sorted only if you consult a Divorce Lawyer for your Divorce case.

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