Does Remarriage Affect Child Custody in India?

Property rights are the legal rights to obtain, possess, sell, transfer property, rights to receive rent, keep one’s salary, enter into contracts, and file lawsuits. Among all of this the most delicate issue is the right to property of wife after divorce. The right of wife in husband’s property after divorce relies on a variety of factors such as reasons for the separation of husband and wife.

A wife can claim in court for her rights and contribution to the property. But a wife has no right over husband property underneath are the following things:-

  1. Joint Property with Husband – a wife cannot acquire the share from the property until she has given her share to the property.
  2. Husband’s Self- Acquired Property – a wife cannot claim the share in husbands property and if husband is paying maintenance than he holds the ownership of the titled property.
  3. Ancestral Property of Husband – a wife has no right on husband’s ancestral property, i.e., only the biological children can claim ancestral property.

Therefore, a wife cannot claim her rights on husband’s property the wife can only claim for a property on her monetary share and can claim maintenance after divorce.


Under the Hindu Law divorce is of two types:-

  1. Mutual Divorce– Under section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act, both the parties agrees and express their consent for peaceful separation, the alimony and child custody issues is already dealt between them. To file for mutual divorce one must have mutual consent and the parties have been living separately for at least one year. If the property is in the name of the husband, in the eyes of law, the wife has no right over the property.
  2. Contested Divorce – Under section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act deals with when the party has caused cruelty, conversion of religion, unsound mind, communicable disease or unheard for more than seven years i.e. desertion. The wife can claim maintenance and livelihood cost from the husband for her and the maintenance of their kids but not the property share.


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